Martis Camp - Client since 2013

Real Estate Developers:

What happens when you receive a new lead?

The answer to that question can be the difference between making a sale and not.

Times have changed. Today, when someone requests more information about your property, they want pricing, availability and floor plans and they want them right now.

Clearview Elite ensures that your leads are rewarded with the information they want, exactly when they want it... immediately.

Step 1: The Clearview Presentation

We retire your PDF brochure and present your property as it should be, in it's most favorable light. A beautiful visual presentation, whatever device your audience is using. We fill it with the next-level sales information your leads are looking for and tell your sales team who's reading that information and exactly when.

We've put an end to unproductive hours dialing for dollars. With Clearview Elite your sales team has meaningful conversations with engaged leads. And your return on marketing investment grows.


The photo above is courtesy of Martis Camp, a gorgeous, amenity-rich, gated community in Truckee, California.

“Clearview Elite has been a fantastic tool allowing us to showcase Martis Camp at a very high level. Our ability to easily update information within the Clearview system so our clients are receiving the most up to date and pertinent details about our property has enabled us to be more efficient in the sales process.”

Brian Hull Director of Sales Martis Camp Clearview Client since 2012

Boost Sales Team Productivity

Step 2: Clearview Activity Alerts

Know who to follow up with and exactly when

The problem: less than 25% of your leads will buy anytime soon. And your sales team has no idea who they are.

Not anymore.

We tell your sales team who's reading the Clearview Presentation and exactly when so they can have more meaningful conversations with those who are showing interest in your property.

Timing is everything, more than 50% of all new leads are never spoken with by a salesperson. But when your sales team knows who to contact and exactly when, it's an incredibly powerful advantage.


"Clearview Elite helps us to weed out those prospects that are not serious or ready for purchase so we can prioritize our time on those that are. We know this based on who's actively reading our Clearview Presentations."

Michael Evans
Co-Founder & CEO
The Vines of Mendoza
Clearview Client since 2013

Expand your reach

Targeted Lead Generation

Leverage Your Networks

Your Clearview Presentation can be branded to any referral agent in seconds. Voila, you've just created a new "Partner Presentation".

Your property is now represented by a referral partner in a key feeder market. They can promote your property as if it was their own.

Clearview Elite will assist your referral partners in delivering the Partner Presentation straight to the inboxes of their high net worth databases, privately.

Both of you are automatically notified of new inquiries. No more guessing, your referral partners will always get credit for their referrals.


"It gives me great satisfaction when I see our clients’ appreciation of the quality and professionalism of our bespoke estate marketing. Clearview Elite is an integral part of this and I highly recommend them to anyone looking to substantially raise their marketing game."

Ken Jacobs
Principal, Ken Jacobs Real Estate
Who's Who in Luxury Real Estate Member
Clearview Client since 2016

Stay fresh and updated

The Clearview Editor

If you can update your Facebook bio, you can update your Clearview Presentation

A beautiful sales presentation isn't effective if the information inside it is outdated. Whether it's a new picture, a new listing or a price change, your prospects will see your updates automatically the next time they open your Clearview Presentation.

There's no need to pay a web programmer to update a price in your Clearview Presentation. With the Clearview Editor you can do it yourself in seconds.

Of course, our team is always a phone call, email or Tweet away if you need us.